At the heart of Culture Change, we are committed to connecting young creatives with other likeminded individuals. We know how lonely it can be when you don't have a support team around you to help push you and keep you motivated. Culture Change wants to support your passion for the arts.


our Team

Think of Culture Change as a resource. If you're an aspiring actor who needs and acting reel for your agent, or maybe you're a photoshop wizard who has been itching to create some killer art, or maybe you have an eye for directing and want to sharpen your ability to tell stories, whatever your niche we want to help you.



Fill out this quick questionnaire and submit it to our team. We will reach out to you about our upcoming projects and will let you know how you can get involved.

Personal Projects?

If you are a seasoned creator who has written an artistic masterpiece; a song, or a short film, and you need help to bring it to life, then CC wants to help get your project up and running. We are a community, not a service company. We want to extend our resources and show our support.