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This film is going to be one of our largest most ambitious projects yet. We will be exploring the philosophical topic of "identity" in a thrilling, modern approach, taking our audience to knew locations never before scene by our organization.


This will be a fully funded project, consisting of film crew, paid actors, and high level post production teams. We hope to set the bar for Christian media, not only in our local area, but around the world. 


The gospel is our message. We've found that most problems at the root, come back to lack of identity; People are going about their lives, with no sense of purpose or significance, and are looking for truth even if they won't admit it. We hope to open their eyes to the person of JESUS while engaging with them in real world dialog and situations that are relatable and compelling for the BIG SCREEN. After watching this film, our viewers will be presented with the full gospel and questions that we hope will only provoke them to dive deeper into truth.

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Image by Kelly Sikkema

Way's to give

Help us financially or by providing resources such as; Locations, props, pleasantries and more.

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Image by Tyler Nix

Join The Cast

Auditions will be Heald on the 23 and 24th of July. Bring your portfolio and show up for a chance to join our cast.

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Join Crew

We are looking for some key players to help make this Feature Film. If you are equipped with experience in production, apply below.

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Our Experience

November 2017 - December 2018

August - December 2019

September - December 2020

Before Culture Change Joel Pernell Started a video production company called 'JPstudios' where he worked to create visually compelling stories for businesses around the nation. After his first year, he put on his first ever 'live Even.' This was a multimedia theatrical experience, combining film, art, dancing and live acting. This was the launching pad for Culture Change to start.

Culture Change, was officially established between 2018 & 2019. After the success of the first production in 2018, Joel decided to focus on building a community of artist outside the four walls of a church to attract anybody who had a heart for creativity and sharing the Gospel. This second year connected complete strangers and united them together to put on the first official CC production.

Covid was a weird time for CC as everything we did up until 2020 revolved around community and meeting in person. With everything on hold, we were pushed into a corner and had to do a fully digital version of our annual live production. We honestly weren't prepared, but we knew one thing–if we stop we don't grow. So we decided to join together once more and put our best foot forward. This came with many obstacles and the end product was not our original vision, but this thought us something very important. Growth comes through discomfort. Being the ambitious group that we are, we are finally in a place where our vision and our capability align closer than ever. This is why we are launching this massive project.

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