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A better way 
to impact

CULTURE CHANGE is a platform exploring the dynamic world of social influence from a moral, respectful, and Biblical position. We are not afraid to proclaim Jesus is the ONLY WAY for our broken world to find restoration, peace, and salvation. Our heart is that God is Glorified, the Church is edified, and the Saints of Christ are empowered to change their sphere of influence, by the grace of the Holy Spirit.



Gen Z Needs Jesus!

We help young Believers looking to strengthen their Faith. Young adults transitioning into adulthood have been obsessed with the pervasive explosion of Philosophy, Modern thought and Scientific Theory. The lack of proper education within the church surrounding tough questions, has lead many young people to Deconstructionism–The act of deconstructing their beliefs one by one until eventually they have nothing left to stand on but doubt. We are here to change that.

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Eternal Impact
In Mind.

Relating is the first step. Our hope is to create a platform where teens and young adults can find all things "Trendy Christian" from March and Music to Research and Development. This sight is built by Christians, for Christians. Engulfing people in the world of "Everything Jesus". If young people are going to stand strong in this generation they need to follow Jesus with all your heart and allow His grace to sustain them. Introducing them to Jesus-Music, Films, Attire and other everyday essentials for them, we hope to cultivate a healthy space for them to seek God. As they grow our platform will too.

Current Project

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