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74 Words


To worship is to give our highest devotion, love, service, and praise to something or someone. To worship someone or something means that we rank that person or thing as the most important thing in our life. What we worship is number one in our life. As Christians we believe that it is important to worship God alone. The Bible says that when we allow any other person or thing to become more important to us than God, we have become guilty of the terrible sin of idolatry. As Christians, we meet together frequently in order to worship God together. These meetings are not just for fellowship and learning. They are primarily so that we can personally express with others our praise and adoration of God through words and music. REMEMBER: Worship services exist so that you can actually worship with others! God has created us in such a way that worship is very important to the health of Christians. PLEASE DO NOT CONFUSE THE ACT OF WATCHING OTHERS WORSHIP WITH ACTUAL WORSHIP! WORSHIP IS NOT A SPECTATOR SPORT!

Washed in the Blood

The word “washed,” of course, means to be cleaned up. The Blood refers to the fact that Jesus had to die on the cross, giving up His blood for us. When we receive the Lord Jesus Christ, he forgives us of our sins and declares us to be righteous on the basis of His precious blood that He gave for us when He died on the cross. To be washed in His Blood means that our sins have been forgiven because we have trusted in His sacrifice of Himself on the cross.

Walking in the Spirit

Walking in the Spirit means that we are living our lives in a way that shows we are empowered by the Holy Spirit (Who lives inside all who trust the Lord Jesus Christ)

Walking in the flesh

Walking in the flesh means living our lives in such a way that we are continually giving in to temptations to sin.


The Bible teaches that God reveals Himself as One God Who exists as three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The word “Trinity” combines the prefix “tri-“ (meaning “three” as in tricycle, triangle, or tripod) with the word “unity” meaning one.


Theism is the belief that there is One Supreme Creator God Who is actively involved in the things going on in the world. Of course, all Christians are “Theists.” We believe in God. There are also other people who say they believe in God and are Theists, but who are not Christians. (We Christians believe that they are confused about Who God really is.)


Temptation is the suggestion to our mind that it would be good to do something that God says is sin. Some people feel guilty because they are tempted to do sinful things. But temptation is nothing to feel guilty about. Even Jesus was tempted. Temptation simply means that we have a battle to fight. We can choose to do the right thing and win over temptation. Or we can choose to sin. One of the best ways to win battles with temptation is to memorize Bible verses.

Substitutionary Atonement

Christ died in our place. He endured the awfulness of death by crucifixion so that we could be set free from death. On the cross, He was our substitute. We should have been the ones to die, but He died for us. The word Atonement refers to the fact that when He died, He made it possible for God and man to come together as one.

Spiritual Warfare

Christians have an enemy--Satan and his demons. God commands us, as part of our preparation for eternity, to learn to resist and overcome them. In His Word, God has given us weapons which He commands us to use for that purpose. You can learn a great deal about effective spiritual warfare on these web pages.


The most common Bible word for sin means, “to miss the mark.” God has told us in His Word how we should live our lives. He has told us what to do and what not to do. But all of us have failed to obey Him. We have all sinned. When we act selfishly; when we rebel against God; when we tell lies; lose our temper; lust; get irritated at others; etc—we have sinned. Sin always leads to hurt and pain for ourselves and for others. Eventually sin leads to death and destruction. The more we live according to God's commands, the better life will be. But we cannot "fix" our sin problem by just trying really hard to be good. That's why our Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross--to pay the death penalty for our sins in our place. When we repent of our sin and place our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, He forgives and cleanses us.


One of the most common words that describe Christians is the word “saved.” When we received the Lord Jesus Christ, He saved us from slavery to sin, death, and hell. We will never really die—at least not the real person we are inside. And we have no more reason to ever be afraid of hell. Jesus has saved us from these things.


Satan was once one of the greatest angels ever created by God. He was so great and so wonderful that he became full of pride and rebelled against God. God could have destroyed Satan immediately, but God chose to use Satan to give Christians an opportunity to learn to overcome by resisting and fighting against Satan. (See: "Spiritual Warfare") Satan knows that the only way he can hurt God now is by luring God's people away from God through by tempting them to sin against God. Christians know that Satan was ultimately defeated when Jesus died on the cross. When Jesus returns, Satan will be bound for 1000 years. After the millennium is over, he will be forever placed in the lake of fire. The word "Satan" is often used to refer to the kingdom of Satan (including Satan and all his demons).

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