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The easiest way to help us grow is by purchasing a shirt. If you participate in our CC challenges, having a shirt will give you extra benefits and prize entrees. We plan to role out a variety of designs in the near future to suit different personalities and age groups. Remember that 10% of all purchases will be given to cancer treatment.

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Join The Community

If you want to be more active, then be a part of the many opportunities we have available for you to interact with your community. We are always thinking of unique ways to reach people of all ages and walks of life. If you aren't comfortable voicing your opinion, then we have ways for your voice to be heard. Check out what we have below.


Be a part of one of our events. From talents Shows to music videos, we would love for you to join!

CC Challenges

CC Challenges are designed to inspire individuals to take meaningful action.


Keep up with our CC channel, and online media. 

Engag- learn-share-repeat! 



Join A Team

If you aren't sure what you want to do in life, consider joining one of our community teams. Doing what we do here requires a lot of work and resources. Community teams are not paid jobs, but are designed to help you find your niche and help the community in the process. 

How does it work? 

When you apply for a team, we will send you an application to fill out. Once approved you will then be place under a team leader. When ever we have a project that allows you to use your gifts, we will notify you and give you the proper information. All of your work will be credited to you, and can be used in your portfolio.

Show Us!

We are always looking for positive stories and encouraging content to inspire others!

Talent Tuesdays

If you were gifted with an amazing ability to sing dance, or any other amazing talents, then be a part of talent Tuesdays. Send us a video of you showing off your talent. We want people in our local area to see what you can do! If selected you will be on an episode of talent Tuesday's on our CC Channel.




Share WIth US

Has your life been impacted by Culture Change? We would love to hear how! If you have a positive word of encouragement to share with your community don't hesitate to speak up! :)

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