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Raise $10,000 with a single Video

Pilot Program - (Invitation Only)
This pilot program will enable you to create a high-converting and highly scalable digital marketing campaigns. We help you clarify your vision by building a profitable business framework and then walk you through the process of producing a strong impact strategy to share your vision with the world–Attracting donors, volunteers and potential business partners. $10,000 is only the beginning.

Focus Areas




Hi guys, my name is Joel. I started a production company when was 17 and founded a non-profit when I was 20 that provides creative opportunities for people in the arts. My whole business career has been centered around digital media and marketing. I literally live and breathe it.

I wanted to create this program to help organizations build a long-term marketing strategy that will get them results. Did I really raise $10,000 with a single video for a non-profit? Yes! There is no secret, it just requires a little bit of planning and hard work. All marketing starts with building a scalable foundation, once that foundation is secure all other pieces will fall into place. That's what this program will help you do–build a strong foundation. 

You can expect one-on-one help and strategy calls where I will personally analyze your business and give you feedback. I know this can be a scary step for most of you so I want to ensure that you will be taken care of. You may think you can do it on your own, but the reality is you need help! As owners and directors we can usually see what's wrong with other organizations, but we most likely have a blind spots when it comes to our own organizations. I'm here to move you past those blindspots.

My Businesses

What's Included
In the program?

Business planning
- Creating a Vision S
- Forming a business plan.
- Setting Goals.
- Framework for scaling.

- Converting landing page.
- Prioritizing pages.
- Video placement.
- Design resources.
- App creation.
- Writing a sales video.
- Creating video templates.
- Free assets and resources.
- Optimizing your video.

- Publishing your video.
- Starting initiatives
- Identifying roadblocks
- Market research.
- Refining Strategy.
- Implementing Strategies
- Scaling up.
Bonus Modules
- Automate while you sleep.
- Creating a profitable business   perception
- Get Volunteers/Customers
- Retain volunteers.
- Promote Events

- Raise Awareness 
- Raise Funds

- Attract Donors
- Operating Within your limits.
- Creating SOP's
- Setting up social accounts.
- Connecting social accounts


Marketing team meeting

The reason most organizations are stuck is because they don't have a clear digital marketing strategy. We will give you our blueprint and help you reach your goals.

Set goals

Plan path

Make an Impact

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Video is the master of communication, and we'll show you exactly how to create and publish videos that will give you a substantial return on your investment. Even if your have no time or experience.

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We will show you how to create a website that converts. No coding or design experience necessary.

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