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What Is Talent Tuesday?

Simply put–Talent Tuesday is designed to give creatives a place to use their gifts and talents to make an impact on culture. Here is a list of some of the goals of Talent Tuesday's and what we hope to accomplish.



Inspire: The first goal is to inspire others to take action and get on board with what God is doing in this nation. Godly Inspiration is what sparks Godly movement. 

Proper use: The second goal is to show this generation how God desires them to use their talents. There is a lie that says "you need to compromise your faith in order to be successful" however we know that isn't true. We believe God is the source of your success. If you focus on bringing him glory, he will take care of you.

Breaking  lies: We want to break the lie that say’s “you can't be used where you are." Are there other states like California that would make it easier to be effective? Maybe, but if you are in a location that seems dry, be open to the idea that God may want to use you to start something  new in your area. 

Legacy: Laying the groundwork can be very tough, and sometimes you may feel like your efforts are pointless and going nowhere; This is why we want to start something that is able to grow even after we are gone. We may never see the full extent of our vision come to past, in our lifetime. Often times, the blessings we see in our life are a result of the persistent labor of others before us. So keep pushing forward because God has a plan. Let God lead you

Honor: The bible tells us to be good stewards of what we have. It doesn’t honor God when we treat the gifts he has given us as insignificant or useless. Our gifts are meant to be a tool that help us display truth of the gospel to our generation. 



Final Thoughts:

Talent Tuesday is not about publicity for our benefit, but it’s about a change in culture for the benefit of others who need to hear the truth.

How to Get Started?

Step 1. Record yourself with your phone or other recording device.

Step 2. Write a quick paragraph about why you do what you do and how you plan to use it for God?

Step 3. Text your video and paragraph to 413-388-4873 or email it to

Step 4. Get Approved. We want to make sure your video falls within our guidelines. 

Step 5.  Get published. We will post your video on our channel and social outlets. 


1.  Content must be based around the gospel message. No secular content.

2.  Content must be no longer than 3 minutes.

3.  Group talents  are allowed, and encouraged.

Frequent Questions:

1. Question: Can I show my personal brand in my video?

     Answer: Yes! we are just a platform promoting what other creatives are doing.

2. Question: Can I represent my church?

Answer: Yes!

3. Question: Do I need to have my own gear

Answer: Yes. We have a instruments and chords incase you need them, but we encourage you to use your own equipment.

4. Question: Can I repost on my social platforms?

Answer: Yes, as long as you tag us.

5. Question: Where will my video be published?

Answer: On all of our social platforms, including Youtube.

6. Questions: What if I'm underage?

Answer: If you are under the age of 16, we require you to come with a parent or suitable guardian.

7. Questions: Can I bring my friends?

Answer: Up to three friends are allowed in the studio while recording. 

8. Questions: Is there an age requirement?

Answer: Open to all ages!

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