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Capturing Christianity

Cultural & Theology

Though I love philosophy, I am not a philosopher. Though I love theology, I am not a theologian. What I do is photography. I make light bend to my will. I know what cameras are best, I know how to achieve the exact look I want. This is my area of expertise. Though I am deeply passionate about photography, I’ve recently discovered a new passion, namely Christian Apologetics.

Shortly after learning of my brother’s atheism, I set out to discover the rational basis for Christian truth claims. Not only to respond to the objections he raised, but to know for myself whether Christianity can be rationally defended. I honestly had no idea what I would find. Attending bible school after high school hadn’t helped much. There we learned other important things, like the number of books in the Bible and how to play ping pong.

During this discovery period, I uncovered things that completely took me by surprise. Culturally I had been lead to believe there isn’t really much evidence for God’s existence. What I learned is that, in addition to there being good reasons for God’s existence, Christianity has an incredibly rich intellectual heritage. The “you’ve just got to have faith” response to tough questions is a relatively recent phenomenon. Rational defenses of Christianity stretch back hundreds and hundreds of years (for instance, see Thomas Aquinas and his “5 Proofs” of God’s existence).

“What I learned is that, in addition to there being good reasons for God’s existence, Christianity has an incredibly rich intellectual heritage.”CAMERON BERTUZZI

The purpose of this blog is now coming into focus. I want to awaken American evangelicals to the fact that Christianity is among the most intellectually defensible world views out there. But also, it doesn’t take a degree in Astrophysics or Theology to engage in intelligent discussion. I am convinced that anyone with an open mind and willing heart, including a photographer like myself, can learn to engage in discussion and give a reasoned defense of the hope that is within them (1 Peter 3:15).

My posts will reflect my own thoughts as I tackle books, papers, journals, common objections, and tough questions regarding Christianity. I can’t make promises, but I am hoping to provide original content, both in what I write and the images you see. This is also a great opportunity for me to practice my writing.

My passion is to empower the Christian church with reasons for the truth of Christianity. I want to answer objections and help break down tough material into bite size pieces. This will not always be easy, but it is something I am incredibly passionate about.

Capturing Christianity

Capturing Christianity

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