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Mike Winger

Cultural & Theology

Pastor Mike Winger is the featured teacher of BibleThinker online ministry. He graduated from the School of Ministry at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and was ordained in 2006. He has since served in various ministries with a primary focus on being a pastor for the youth, up until a few years ago when the growth and the demands of his online ministry have significantly increased. Mike has since transitioned into laboring full time with BibleThinker to provide free teaching content worldwide.

He is strongly committed to a careful and thoughtful study of the Bible with a view toward answering skeptics’ challenges with reason and Scripture. He believes that God has called him to make disciples through this BibleThinker teaching ministry and is driven by great confidence in the sufficiency and truth of the Bible and the Christian worldview to not only inform us of the reality and truth of Jesus and the Bible, but to equip us to live all of life rightly and to worship God in truth.

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