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Our heart is to change perspectives, soften hearts, and establish biblical truth in a generation who has lost sight of their identity.



'Culture Change' operates under three main pillars. These pillars create focused methods of operation and are the blueprints for how we make decisions about our future.

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Without truth, there's no way to find freedom. What is the truth about your identity? What is the truth about your relationships? What is the truth about work purpose? All these questions need to be answered, and in a generation that believes truth is subjective, it is more important than ever to stand firm on God's word while doing our best to uphold His standard in everything we do.

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Media includes everything from the music we listened to in that restaurant we visited last week to the flashy mainstream films that grab our attention. It would be an understatement to say that media has shaped the beliefs and behaviors of many people all around the world. To change culture we need to reach people where they're at. Culture Change puts heavy emphasis on digital media, because we know it's the gateway to so many people. 

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It's not enough to talk about the things God places in our hearts, and to ignore the gifts he has blessed us with. Culture Change is a lifestyle, motivating people to take action and multiply their gifts, whether that be Entrepreneurial, Creative, or supportive by nature. We want to raise up a group of people that have the audacity to take bold moves for the kingdom, that are not afraid of failing, who understand and trust the one who holds their destiny. Changing culture requires God's grace, and vessels who will respond to the call.

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Culture change Is a new organization that is quickly gaining momentum. Often times people look at the results of an individual or group, and don't always see the effort exhausted during the early stages, ultimately getting them to where they are now.  

We are proud and transparent to tell people that we are a young organization. Why? Because , this means we can take the time to build something the right way. We embrace the privilege to be able to earn trust from those who may not know who we are, or what we're about. When God moved us to start Culture Change, we understood that the only way it would grow is if He connected us with the right people and opened the doors for us to flourish. So far we are amazed at the response, and we are only getting started. 

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For the past two years we have put together something we call a "Media Experience"

This is a live event that utilizes the unique talents from people connected to Culture Change combining them in a mix of Film, original music, dancing, and live acting. This production takes place around Christmas time which gives us the perfect opportunity to share the history of the Gospel and the impact that Jesus has on or life today.


With covid changing our plans for 2020, we had to go fully digital with our event which was a step of faith for us. We hope to eventually do both a live and film version as we grow and expand.

How Does Our "Media Experience"

Help People?

To understand how it helps people you must understand where we are headed. The end goal of Culture Change is not to create plays, and films for entertainment purposes, our aim is to reach people for the kingdom. 

Looking ahead, there are things we want to do that require us to have some level of credibility as well as a platform large enough to accomplish all the is required of our vision. The media experience is one way of creating that necessary platform. With that in mind here are some ways the "Media Experience" Is helping people TODAY!


Imagine this. You turn 18 and you don't feel led to go to college, you stay close to home, and continue to serve at your church, but all your friends have gone on to do other things or have decided to work more ours in a Job that makes it hard for you to hang out. Obviously this is a very specific scenario, but we all know the feeling of realizing that in adulthood, things aren't as they seemed when you were younger. We found the there is a need–especially here in MA, for a community of young adults that share similar values, in a challenging environment that will continually sharpen their skills and develop their character for years to come. We all need a Godly community that can lift us up when we need to be lifted and motivate us to become better people.


The "Media Experience" provides many opportunities for people to get involved. From our first year until now, the testimonies we've had of people who came to get involved because they wanted to be apart of something, and then discovering a talent they didn't know they had, or reconnecting with what something they had been hiding for so long–it's amazing to us how simply providing opportunity will spark vision in peoples lives. To us the "Media Experience" is ministry, because we get to mentor those who are wanting to go deeper with God, and also connect brothers and sisters in Christ with their call.

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What's Next?

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How We Steward Our


Being Wise


As we grow and expand we will be fully transparent with how we spend our money. Ultimately everything belongs to God, so it's our responsibility to be wise and multiply what he has given us.

At this stage all donations go towards our "Media Experience." In order to do the things we feel led to do, we need to work on increasing the quality of our productions as well as the amount of reach it has in our community. Before jumping into the next project, we want to work on perfecting our current projects, making them better and more engaging. Our "Media Experience" is a catalyst into the next stage of growth we plan to step into. 

Right now the financial goal for our 2021 "Media Experience" is 20.K. This may seem like a lot for a live production, but for those of you who understand how expensive film gear and equipment is, you will understand that this is no large ask.

The reason we aren't asking for more is because of the level at which we are able to handle the workload, if you watched our production from 2020 you would have seen something that is special in it's own way. The total budget for it was only $1,700. Wow! This was made possible because of the passion people had for CC, we were able to use prop, sets, and locations for free; this allowed us to slim down our budget by a lot! Not only that, but people volunteered to help on set and behind the scenes. 

For 2021 our goal is to do more while keeping the same frugal mindset for spending money like in 2020. Imagine what we can accomplish with $20,000! The sky is the limit for people who are putting their best foot forward and surrendering the results to God.

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Media Experience